Tony and Dennis met in 2004 through a local DC running club. At the time Tony was pursuing graduate work in English and Dennis was working in government relations. Then dogs happened.

Specifically, Jackson our Westie happened. Then Jackson turned into Jackson and Harper. Then into Jackson, Harper, and Mattie. Then into Jackson, Harper, Mattie, and a rotating cast of foster dogs.

In 2011 we established our dog boarding service as a natural extension of our fostering experience with local animal rescues. We witnessed the benefits of a home model of care for our foster dogs, and since 2011 we have provided a home model of care for dogs whose families are out of town for vacation or work.

Tony (photo 1) is full time with the pack, and Dennis joins the pack when he is finished with his consulting work for the day (or, often, they join him before he is finished!). Our helpers-in-residence include Jackson the Westie (photo 2 / 2007-2020), Harper the Cairn (photo 3 / 2008-present), and Mattie the Poodle Mix (photo 4 / 2008-present).