Inclement weather (particularly snow/ice) may delay or cancel our ability to provide transport. Road conditions are one factor. Our driveway hill is another. Those of you who have visited our home know our driveway is long and hilly. Even cleared and salted, our driveway is long and steep enough to make it impassable if ice remains.

As a general rule, if Montgomery County Public Schools are closed due to weather, then it is highly likely we will not be able to handle transport. On weekends and other non-school days, we will exercise common sense and appropriate caution.

If we cannot handle transport, options are as follows:

  1. Tony can attempt transport on the next available day that is not impacted by weather OR
  2. Parents can attempt pickup or drop-off at our home. If our driveway is impassable, we can meet you at the bottom of our driveway to receive or return your dog.

If a storm is imminent and has the potential to impact your dog’s planned arrival date, we recommend your dog arrive a day early using one of the options in our standard arrival/departure model.

During winter months, please pack additional food for your dog in the event your dog’s stay is extended due to inclement weather.